Any good trail journal starts with several pictures of the trail and blazes :)NF mtn trail, heading up.Weather was sunny, warm and humid.Vince hauling a very heavy pack up to the first break - (there's no water on the mountain anywhere)View west from the northern cliffs .Vince and I both enjoyed breaking out of the forest for a while.Yours truly re-hydrating on the northern cliffs.When Chris Utt and I were here in high school, we watched clouds roll up these cliffs in the snow.Vince climbing the steep herd path up to Chimney Rocks.Chimney Rocks are several towering sandstone pillars. That drop at the end of the scree is a doozie!We explored around the pillars, being careful on the scree and sand.Between pillars.Vince shooting beneath the pillars.As a climber, this is a beautiful thing...The features on this sandstone are awesome - look at this pinch!We decided to clamber to the top of one pillar to take in the 360 view...Looking south atop Chimney Rocks - our camp would be at the far end of the distant cliff band.Chimney Rocks Panorama.Vince enjoying the view.Nice to done with the steep climbing.